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Alom, M.Z.[M. Zahangir] Co Author Listing * fast single-image super-resolution via directional edge-guided regularized extreme learning regression, A

Alomar Garau, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Air Photo Interpretation for Spatial Analysis of Heritage Agrarian Structures in Mediterranean Settings as Sea-Breezes Proxy-Data. Application to the Island of Mallorca
Includes: Alomar Garau, G.[Gabriel] Alomar-Garau, G.[Gabriel]

Alomar, A.[Antonia] Co Author Listing * BabyNet: Reconstructing 3D faces of babies from uncalibrated photographs

Alomari, A.H.[Ahmad H.] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Analysis of Traffic Accidents Hotspots Based on Geospatial Techniques

Alomari, O.A.[Osama Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Person identification using EEG channel selection with hybrid flower pollination algorithm

Alomari, R.S.[Raja S.] Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation of stromal tissue in histology images using a voting Bayesian model
* Labeling of Lumbar Discs Using Both Pixel- and Object-Level Features With a Two-Level Probabilistic Model
* Segmentation and localisation of whole slide images using unsupervised learning
Includes: Alomari, R.S.[Raja S.] Alomari, R.S.

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