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Alis, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Change Detection Of Mobile Lidar Data Using Cloud Computing
* Classification of Big Point Cloud Data Using Cloud Computing
* New Framework For Interactive Segmentation of Point Clouds, A
* Parallel Processing Of Big Point Clouds Using Z-order-based Partitioning
* Sideloading: Ingestion Of Large Point Clouds Into The Apache Spark Big Data Engine
Includes: Alis, C.[Christian] Alis, C.

Alises, D.V.[David Villa] Co Author Listing * Proposal for Modeling Indoor-Outdoor Spaces through IndoorGML, Open Location Code and OpenStreetMap, A

Alisi, T.M. Co Author Listing * Motion capture based on color error maps in a distributed collaborative environment

Alismail, H.[Hatem] Co Author Listing * Automatic Calibration of a Range Sensor and Camera System
* Deltille Grids for Geometric Camera Calibration
* Enhancing Direct Camera Tracking with Dense Feature Descriptors
* Online continuous stereo extrinsic parameter estimation
* Photometric Bundle Adjustment for Vision-Based SLAM
* Robust Tracking in Low Light and Sudden Illumination Changes
Includes: Alismail, H.[Hatem] Alismail, H.

Alismail, H.S.[Hatem Said] Co Author Listing * Towards a Visual Perception System for Pipe Inspection: Monocular Visual Odometry

Alissandrakis, A.[Aris] Co Author Listing * Correspondence Mapping Induced State and Action Metrics for Robotic Imitation

Alistarh, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * Bias in Pruned Vision Models: In-Depth Analysis and Countermeasures
* How Well Do Sparse ImageNet Models Transfer?

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