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Aladagli, A.D. Co Author Listing * Predicting head trajectories in 360deg virtual reality videos

Aladjem, M.[Mayer] Co Author Listing * Boundary refinements for wavelet-domain multiscale texture segmentation
* Comparative Study of Neural Network Based Feature Extraction Paradigms
* Discriminant plots obtained via removal of classification structures
* Feature Extraction by Neural Network Nonlinear Mapping for Pattern Classification
* Fingerprint Image Enhancement using Filtering Techniques
* Linear Discriminant-Analysis for Two Classes via Removal of Classification Structure
* Model-Based Mixture Discriminant Analysis: An Experimental Study
* multiclass extension of discriminant mappings, A
* On Pattern Classification with Sammons Nonlinear Mapping: An Experimental-Study
* Parametric and nonparametric linear mappings of multidimensional data
* Regularized discriminant analysis for face recognition
* Regularized mixture discriminant analysis
* Training of an ML Neural Network for Classification via Recursive Reduction of the Class Separation
* Two-Class Pattern Discrimination via Recursive Optimization of Patrick-Fisher Distance
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