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Agin, G.J. Co Author Listing * Calibration and Use of a Light Stripe Range Sensor Mounted on the Hand of a Robot
* Computer Description of Curved Objects
* Computer Vision Systems for Industrial Inspection and Assembly
* Fast Methods for Finding Object Outlines
* Fitting Ellipses and General Second-Order Curves
* Hierarchical Representation of Three-Dimensional Objects
* Hierarchical Representation of Three-Dimensional Objects Using Verbal Models
* Knowledge-Based Detection and Classification of Vehicles and Other Objects in Aerial Road Images
* Representation and Description of Curved Objects
* SRI Road Expert: An Overview, The
Includes: Agin, G.J. Agin, G.J.[Gerald J.]
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Aginako, N.[Naiara] Co Author Listing * Iris matching by means of Machine Learning paradigms: A new approach to dissimilarity computation
* Local descriptors fusion for mobile iris verification
* Machine Learning approach to dissimilarity computation: Iris matching
* Periocular and iris local descriptors for identity verification in mobile applications
Includes: Aginako, N.[Naiara] Aginako, N.

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