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Africani, P. Co Author Listing * Integration of LIDAR Data into a Municipal GIS to Study Solar Radiation

Afridi, H.[Hina] Co Author Listing * Traffic accident detection through a hydrodynamic lens

Afridi, M.J.[Muhammad Jamal] Co Author Listing * Automated System for Plant-Level Disease Rating in Real Fields, An
* Image segmentation of mesenchymal stem cells in diverse culturing conditions
* L-CNN: Exploiting labeling latency in a CNN learning framework
* On automated source selection for transfer learning in convolutional neural networks
* On developing and enhancing plant-level disease rating systems in real fields
Includes: Afridi, M.J.[Muhammad Jamal] Afridi, M.J.

Afrin, N. Co Author Listing * Effective Multi-Chord Corner Detection Technique, An

Afrin, Z.[Zakia] Co Author Listing * Opinion Mining Using Support Vector Machine with Web Based Diverse Data

Afrisal, H.[Hadha] Co Author Listing * Scene Recognition for Indoor Localization of Mobile Robots Using Deep CNN

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